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A TURBT is performed when there is a new or recurrent bladder mass and it is suspected to be cancerous. The tissue removed is sent for analysis before your clinician advises ongoing care. On most occasions a catheter is required to be left in the bladder over night before being discharged the day after the procedure.

TURBT Gold Coast Clinic
Bladder Cancer Clinic Gold Coast

After Surgery

Bladder/prostate resection/urethral stricture dilatation

  • (BNI,TURP,TURBT) – Expect

    • Burning (24 hrs-72 hrs)

    • Urgency/Frequency (up to 6 weeks)

    • Bleeding/clots (minor)

    • 1-2 nights in hospital

    • Catheter in 24-36hrs

  • What to do

    • Drink plenty of fluid

    • Take URAL sachet (up to 4*/day if burning)

  • Avoid

    • Driving (two weeks)

    • Lifting/constipation/straining (6 weeks)

  • Inform Us

    • Unable to void

    • Heavy bleeding/clots

    • Fevers/unwell

    • Catheter pain/spasms

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