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Admission forms are required for John Flynn Hospital, Tugun, Gold Coast, and can be completed online using the following link and going to “online admission” (completion of admission forms is only valid for 3 months)


You will be instructed by the individual doctor's room staff regarding the time to present for your procedure and fasting from food and fluid instructions.


Blood Thinners

You will usually need to cease blood thinner medication prior to your procedure please contact the doctor's rooms if you are uncertain about the need to cease blood thinners.

  • Plavix -cease at least 7 days prior and you may be instructed to take aspirin instead.

  • Warfarin- cease 5 days prior, you may need Clexane bridging therapy.

  • Dagarelix, Pradxa, Xeralto and Eliquis cease 3 days prior

  • Aspirin cease 7 days prior unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon.


Pre-Operative Assessment/Pathology Tests/X-rays or Scans

  • You must attend a pre-op assessment if required by the anesthetist.

  • Please ensure any blood, urine tests or imaging is done as requested by your surgeon.

Delays of surgery can sometimes occur due to emergencies, please be patient and understanding and bring your favourite reading material.

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