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All East Coast Urology Surgeons offer surgery through the Public and Private hospital Systems

In the public hospital, the surgery is most often performed by a registrar (doctor training in urological surgery), however usually your surgeon will be overseeing and responsible for your care. Postoperative management and complications are managed again by the urology registrar and resident. There are no fees for surgery in the public hospital. However, there is a waiting list. Your position on the waiting list will be based on the severity and nature of your condition. If follow up visits after surgery are required they will be at the John Flynn hospital rooms of the supervising surgeon often by the registrar.


In the private system your chosen surgeon will perform your surgery personally assisted by another consultant urologist. Your chosen surgeon will also look after you if you are admitted to stay in the hospital. Occasionally if you are in hospital over a weekend another consultant Urologist who is oncall from our group (East Coast Urology), will check on your progress and wellbeing. All follow up appointments will be in the private consulting suites of your surgeon.


Surgical fees are set by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and a certain portion is usually not covered by your health fund. This is known as “the gap”. We aim for informed financial consent (IFC) 100% of the time and hence you will be informed of all surgical costs prior to the surgery. There may be other charges from the anaesthetist, the hospital, radiology and pathology. Depending on your level of cover, some health funds also require you to pay an excess. We are not responsible for these costs but our staff will do their utmost to guide you in this difficult area. If you have any financial questions or concerns please speak with your specific surgeons’ practice manager.

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