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Erectile Dysfunction is the persistent or recurrent inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual activity. It is also known as ‘impotence’. It is a common condition and can occur for many reasons.

East Coast Urology offers a range of treatment options including medication, injection therapies and surgery.

At East Coast Urology we are able to assess any lifestyle factors that may contribute to this common problem before prescribing a trial of Viagra (or equivalent medication).

Our practice nurse, will also demonstrate and discuss other methods such as vacuum pumps and injections to create an erection more than suitable for penetration and ejaculation.

We also prescribe the most potent and effective form of penile injectable formulae to maximize chances of attaining and maintaining an erection.

The highly specialized area of expandable penile prosthesis surgery has been extremely successfully performed with patient and partner satisfaction of >95%.

Learn more about Penile Prosthesis here

Erectile dysfuntion Doctor Gold Coast
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