TURP (transurethral resection of prostate) & Laser Prostate

  • Laser Enucleation/vaporization/resection of the core of your prostate.
  • It is commonly performed to help if you have difficulty passing urine
    • (eg poor stream, hesitation, urgency, frequency, night time urination)
  • After surgery


The outcome is to remove all obstructing prostate tissue to unblock the outlet from the bladder.

There are two energy sources that we use to achieve this:

  • Bipolar vaporization/ablation or
  • Laser “white light” Thulium

The heavily publicized “green light laser” has been shown in large worldwide studies to have worse outcomes than either of the two methods we use.

The main operation specific complications are the same irrespective of energy source:

  • Incontinence 0.5%
  • Impotence 2%
  • Scar tissue 2%
  • Retrograde (or “dry”) ejaculation 75%
  • Reoperation rate 5-10% (at 10 years)
  • NB: green light laser reoperation rate is 5 times worse

The type of prostate surgery (laser or TURP) your surgeon will use depends on several factors, including size and location of your prostate enlargement.