East Coast Urology and John Flynn hospital are the first group in Australia to use the latest model in the line of Da Vinci robotics, the Da Vinci Si Robot.

Superior to older models – Da Vinci and Da Vinci S – the State-of-the-art Da Vinci Si uses 3D HD vision with 10-15x magnification.

The Endowrist instruments mimc our surgeons’ finger and wrist movements with unparalleled accuracy, whilst the retraction arms and the camera allow unsurpassed stability, tremor minimization and optics to achieve the best surgical outcomes for our patients.

It allows what is essentially micro-surgery in inaccessible parts of the body.

The Da Vinci Si Robot provides a number of significant benefits over conventional open, laproscopic or earlier model robot prostate surgery.

    • Lower risk of complications
    • More precise removal of cancerous cells
    • Better ability to perform nerve sparing surgery
    • Faster return of erectile function
    • Lower risk of wound infections
    • Less pain and less scarring
    • Shorter hospital stay / faster recovery time
    • Better chance for return of urinary continence
    • Less bleeding and extremely low chance of blood transfusion
    • Quicker return to normal activities

Da Vinci Si Robotic Prostatectomy